a young child laughing  at me because my hair is blonde and my eyes are blue
eyes wide shut remembering the history photos of my grandparents  more Great’s than i could count at the time hung on the wall just out of the kitchen where meals of barbecued carne were served in and out of the sliding door  came little wet feet from the pool, through the kitchen running past the pictures on the wall near the couch where my dad sits to braid my hair like my grandmothers taught him
they learned from their tribe women and men tranquil and tender willful and caring they loved everyone
even the people who tore down their civilization and a young child laughing kept laughing at me
here stands my culture with blond hair and blue eyes


the sepia kitchen matches the memory as vintage as the feelings in my soul watching him stomp in filling the air with anger stomping from the front door  I watched him all the way to the backyard when something on the off-white cracked as my soul  tiles  on the counter top catches my wide blue eyes
it could oink it was so fat with pennies
across my face a smile  that could stretch from coast to coast where is surfed on a wave of emotions Wait daddy, whats that? another smile,  his, so sweet and blissful reminiscing  warmth from the window illuminating this fat copper tank a tank so round and cute  shiny and so very very impossibly unbreakable wildly delicate all at the same time
like my heart
mesmerized  fascinated the little copper pork chop was stuffed to the brim honey colored glass matched my vintage dreams



I am walking

Slam Poem
Artwork is unknown
Poet - Kenzie

2 + sevenling = Stanza