Mystery of The Unknown

When I look outside my window I see the world.  I wonder if it is flat or if it is round. I think about how people exist on such a place.  Are we just an illusion?  I can’t tell anymore but I know one thing is for sure, I am here to find the answers for you.  To what life is, to why and how.  To find out how it all started and when or if it will end.
I am human fighting for humans.  Is someone in control of us?  I am not sure. That's something else to discover.  I am taking you on a journey like no other so,  I can only hope you are ready for the answers I discover.
Some might say I am crazy, only I know I am not.  People who agree with me don’t otherwise agree with those engulfed in society’s norms,  they in fact agree with my beautiful truth of…  of what? The universe? The world?  Maybe just, life. 
So far, there is no exact proof for what I have discovered,  unless you count personal experiences as proof.  I know as my individual self, I can count on what I know because of what I have seen.  The …

Wanting More

They say the first step to fixing your problem is admitting you have one. Unfortunately, I am not quite there yet. My name is Jessy Anderson and I did everything I could to stay sane.
My life is... Crazy. I get good grades, I have a job, I just got accepted all of the best colleges. I fulfilled all my parents ridiculous expectations. But no matter what I do it never seems to be enough. My Mother tells me Im too fat, Im an embarrassment, a disappointment, Im a whore, Im ugly. She even told me she wanted me to die... It never ends. My Father tells me Im a disappointment and Im dumb just like my mother. He asks me why I always make such bad decisions. I just sit there and take their abuse. My friends are the only ones that know what their abuse does to me. I have an eating disorder to please my mom and my insecurities. I do a number of drugs and drink quite a bit of alcohol to take the pain away. Most of the time it works. My "condition" grows worse and worse every day and my fr…

The Man and The Autumn Tree

A man and his wife have just wed. They move into a beautiful home together. Outside of their front yard is a tall oak tree. The trees leaves change and fall when the Autumn season comes around. The wife falls in love with the tree because it is so beautiful, the man despises this tree because the leaves always fall in their yard. The man and the woman spend every Autumn together raking the leaves and bagging them up. The man and woman are old now, the woman is ill and asks her husband to spread her ashes under the tree after she passes. The man does as she wishes. 
One lonely Autumn season rolls around for the, now, widower. He goes out to the yard and attempts to clean up the leaves. Because he has no help, the man struggles to get the leaves cleaned up.To make matters worse, the wind begins to pick up. The man manages to rake the leaves into a pile. Annoyed, the old man goes inside to grab some trash bags, when he returns he sees that the yard is, once again, a mess.“Why do you blow y…


Lost in a battle field of love, they stood staring into each others eyes with weapons of words held fierce in their hands ready to be thrown. Words that could only wound the heart more than ripping it out. Like armor falling away from their skin, tears ran down their cheeks and they rushed into the others arms with sorrow and empathy. The battle of blood, bullets, armies, surprise tactics faded as they embraced like lovers should.

Experiment 5

As the pencil scratched on the paper and the words began to flow out, a plan was being devised. A great plan! A plan to escape. It will take place on a Thursday at about 2:34 am, I would sneak out with Harry in all black with minimal luggage and Tara would be waiting at the bottom of the driveway with the getaway car. “But before that could take place, we need to brainstorm what you are going to do to get to that solution.” Tara said to me. She wasn’t wrong. I do need to think of what to do before my escape. I need to plan a tactical pursuit, and make a list of things I will need to achieve the utmost perfect escape. 

Part 2: First Draft

Abigail sat in her room absorbing her surroundings: walls painted in plum purple and lavender, a twin bed with a white (painted metal) bed frame, with a budding rose and vine design, a closet with two white sliding doors, a tall dresser (taller than her) with a black 32in box TV. The closet was over flowing with clothes that she thought probably didn’t belong to her, some of her favorite books, and miscellaneous little girls toys in shades of pink and purple. However, a yellow-tinted, glass piggy bank caught her eye. It sat atop of the third shelf above the drawers in the closet. The piggy bank only contained pennies. She thinks about what she did yesterday; she played miniature golf with her Daddy at the Magic Castle. And then she remembers that the day before yesterday her mommy dropped her off with her Daddy at the grocery store. Her parents are divorced, a faint feeling of despair washes over her as she thinks of that and then it is replaced with a heavy wave of relief because she…

Part 1: First Draft

Abigail June Braywood stood in the middle of the Miller Park soccer field as her mother tied her thick, curly, red hair into a tight pony tail. The girls natural strawberry highlights shimmered as the sun shined down on her. The tie was decorated with strands of purple and black ribbon. Abigail represented her team colors proudly. She was squirmy and impatient, as most children her age were. The girl’s mother would describe her as defiant and stubborn. This was her first year playing soccer because she was finally old enough. Looking ahead, the young girl found her team mates running into the field to greet her. She excitedly attempted to escape her mothers grasp, “Abigail June!” her mother yelped at her, “Stop moving!” Abigail’s mother jerked her by her pony tail. Abigail quickly stood at attention; she knew if she heard her middle name called she was about to be in big trouble. Her mother hurried to finish the pony tail; and unpleased with the results, Abigail’s mother sent her to l…