A poem a day keeps the fear away...

I am sitting in this bathroom, lying on the floor too weak to get up, crying like before the floor I cleaned just two weeks ago, the floor you can’t ignore.
I remember sitting in this same bathroom, lying just like this on the floor I was only fifteen. And too weak to get up, not like now but, crying more forlorn on the floor, too weak to go. The floor I then couldn't ignore.
For this floor had so much gore. This same pain wept from inside, on the floor I once solemnly swore  never to let myself get so mourned. 
You leave me with so much scorn  and I try not to rush so much to the morgue;  one day I may meet my fate in show but, today I lay here on the bathroom floor.
Today, today I feel torn, crying and weeping just like before but, in terror and remembering not to be forlorn I lay here on the bathroom floor,
The same exact floor  except now I am grown. I cleaned it just two weeks ago,
this floor you can’t ignore.

Red Moon

Only in the light of the red moon Do our souls that were once two Become one to which a libra is the scale of life That weighs off balance without you That only tilts just right When our souls that were once two Become one when conscious connections  Are made with true love and light but
Only in the light of the red moon.

A Greater Force

It will be true love  In the moment their eyes meet  For the first time. 
The world will stop  For both of them It will be tender and passionate And the force will be greater than  that of the universe. 

Daddy's Girl

Tight curls and hugs Sweet baby kisses  A daddy’s best girl A mommy’s worst nightmare The sweetest delight
Bows and pony tails Unisex shoes and shorts Slugs and dirt Tutus worked once
Playmates with short Haircuts Pigtails snicker and Whisper in the corner Blue eyes, quiet heart
Mother assured envy
Father comforts the heart

Shine Brighter

Stuck in my head Won't get out of bed A tear won't even shed
I won't keep myself fed Might as well be dead Stuck in my head Might as well be dead Might as well be dead.
Shine brighter they said Try harder they said Do better they said Give up they said You'll never make it they said Will the laughing ever end?
Stuck in my head Can't get out of bed A tear can't shed I can't even keep myself fed Might as well be dead Stuck in my head Might as well be dead Might as well be dead.

Love Game (working title)

Our eyes connected immediately, his were as green and deep as a roaring Forrest. The tension we created with just a stare was thicker than the snow on the ground. He knew I wanted him, just by looking at me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in. I could feel his heavy breath on my neck and with a trifling tone in his voice he whispered into my ear, “It’s nice to see you again, Victoria.” and kissed my cheek. My entire body lit up with passion. I began to fall into him and he stepped away. He flashed his dashing smile at me and I caught myself. “Not again,” I thought to myself. I shook off the lust and turned to my boss who was trying to ask me something, "Im sorry, what did you say, Mr. Davis?" "I said, who is your friend, Victoria?" Lost in the forrest of his eyes I could hardly say his name without orgasming, "Mr. Davis, this is..." and he stepped in to shake Mr. Davis' hand and introduced himself. "Covington, sir. Killian Covington." Impre…

Everlasting Evil

Everlasting Evil Hidden in you. The only one who can see it is me; Only I know the truth.
You have everyone deceived— You lie and cheat, You control and manipulate, You are filled with so much hate. 
Hate and hurt— You don’t see it in you, But I do. I see it deep in you.
The hurt and hate that Causes your everlasting, evil, Cold and dead Soul
You hide it and smile But, not in a smile to hide the pain A smile to cause pain Pain in me
Only I can see it in you Because I’m the only one You want to see in pain Even when I beg you to stop.
You are hurt and it makes you hateful You try to change me because You don’t want to see the real you You only want me to see
And you want me to be Just as hurt and hateful as you But why? What good will that do? Worse for me, and nothing for you.
I kneel at the feet of a peaceful prophet, I hope for healing everywhere, Butterflies land freely in my sweet hair, If someone comes, I even offer my chair.
So, like green ivy you spread your hurt and hate Your…