Experiment 14

Assignment: Alternate Ending to Hedda Gabler
Setting: (instead of killing herself after closing the shades…)
Scene: Hedda closes the shades and rushes to her room to pack her bags. She can hear the group outside talking about her.
JUDGE: Must Hedda always be this dramatic? Why is she so upset about this man anyways? (Hedda grows annoyed and searches for her passport, it still has her maiden name on it and she smiles reminiscing in her independence. She listens for the group as they begin into the house. Hedda rushes down the stairs and slips out the front door before anyone catches her.) Hedda walks swiftly to the boss stop with her suitcase in hand. Meanwhile, back at the house,  the group has begun to wonder where Hedda has gone. TESMAN: Hedda, dear? Where are you? The Judge is ready to leave. Please come say your Goodbye’s we do not wish to be rude to the man after all he is doing for us. (They don’t hear Hedda) JUDGE: Perhaps you should go up and get her. She might be in the toilet. TESMAN:…

Experiment 13

My Dearest Anastasia, You are the light that shines higher than the sky; the sun that brightens most everyone’s dreary day. We miss you here in Summerville. Without you the it is a constant rainy day. Grey skies every month this year. I long for your sweet smelling bosom, which smells sweeter than a flower bed of daisies in the Spring. I crave your blessed face, for it looks like it came from the highest of heavens. Why do you settle here for Earth? Perhaps that is where you have gone back to, the Heavens. Oh, how I love thee… Won’t you come home to me? I waited and watched you nearly every day and wondered, how does she find the time to look so beautiful? She is busy in the fields all day long and sneaking across the eery lake at night. I have seen it for myself that you are busier than most bees, this beauty you hold must only be of the most organic like the soil under your toes as you approach the beach. The beach where you meet Kennith King  and he makes you sing a sweet song. I sa…

Narrative #2/ "The Basement"

The Basement >Characters: Chase- Realtor/friend of Nick and Jason Nick- The man buying/ moving into house Jason- Nick’s best friend/roommate who is also moving into house (douchebag) Martin- The pizza guy Dead man- Apparition 
Scene 1: >Camera pan/zoom through front yard, through rusted iron gates and a yard of dead grass, camera goes across a cement pathway towards Chase who is handing house keys to Nick. CHASE: So, now you just need to…  [Nick’s phone rings] NICK: It’s Jason, one sec. [answers phone] JASON: [on phone] I know, I am SUPER late bro. I’m on my way. Pizza on me tonight! *Cut scenes back and forth from Nick at the house to Jason driving in a car. NICK: Dude where have you been? We just finished the walk through and Chase is about to give me the keys to the house. [puts phone on speaker] JASON: [Exaggerated] I knoooww, Man. I know. I am turning the corner right now. I see you! NICK: Really? ‘Cause I don’t see you bro. [Nick and Chad look around] JASON: That’s so funny maybe because I…

Experiment 11

>Outline a quest story, using the three act structure. What question is asked in Act One?
Act 1: Alice dropped her phone down a sewer drain. Alice asks her friend Chuck to help her. The friends go into the sewer on a mission to retrieve her cell phone. The cell phone contains TOP SECRET information about their “kind of” friend Marissa.
Act 2: Alice and Chuck come across many obstacles along their journey such as battling sewer rats, trenching through waste water, a lost alligator, and a homeless woman.
Act 3:
Alice and Chuck follow the phone through the sewer and the sewer leads them to Marissa’s home. Marissa retrieves the phone and reveals the TOP SECRET information. She is appalled by the dishonesty of her friends.

My Dearest Salted Sea

To my dearest Salted Sea, Your waves seem very angry tonight I can see you putting up quite the fight I can hear you calling louder and louder to me The thrust of your waves exploding on the sand A rush of salty air tickles my nose, what is wrong my salted sea? You waves pull back like a swish of a beautiful woman’s  Long hair, as the curls shy away from the shoulder The waves grow smaller. Are you listening to me? For I worship thee, Thee, the salty sea.
You deserve only the greatest respect: As you should be worshiped, you are a majesty Who holds wisdom greater than any man. I crave the mist you spray when Your waves crash along the shore You sit on the edge of Earth waiting and  Waiting for a sweet soul to call to you. Well, Here I am, Salty Sea. I call to thee and  Can hear you calling to me.
I am stuck on the sand again with no way out to you To the beauty that is the ocean; so deep and so blue, Filled with creatures that only the imagination can see. You are Growing flustered now that I can not sail awa…

An Attempt at Monologuing

Monologue of Devilyn (A character form a screenplay I have been working on):
I see you as weak as a peasant therefore this is how you should be treated.  Do yo know what that means?  You are not strong like the large redwoods that tower in the forest, yonder. You are the scum of the earth and I am a blessing to you. I am your God. You must worship me.  If you don’t, I will express anguish in terror and bring you down with balls of fierce fire.  I will consume your life. I will infect your mind. I will terrorize your dreams. I will beat you with assimilation and conformity.  You will be taught that you are as useless as garbage.  I will destroy your soul, for darkness always defeats light.  You will never be right as long as I am commanding you,  and as long as I am commanding you is as long as the life you live. 
The only way out is by death.

Why process this amateur stanza? Because life obviously ends.

What is life?
Pushing through the tough
That just past you
To make a better you
This is what life is
A cycle
A process
A brainstorm
Sensations surrounding you
Solving problems
Sickening views
Beautiful life we live
Beckoning to us to keep going
Boisterously pushing us to our
Last minutes
Lacking love
Only giving us loneliness
Opening the door to the