Experiment 14

Assignment: Alternate Ending to Hedda Gabler

Setting: (instead of killing herself after closing the shades…)

Scene: Hedda closes the shades and rushes to her room to pack her bags. She can hear the group outside talking about her.

JUDGE: Must Hedda always be this dramatic? Why is she so upset about this man anyways?
(Hedda grows annoyed and searches for her passport, it still has her maiden name on it and she smiles reminiscing in her independence. She listens for the group as they begin into the house. Hedda rushes down the stairs and slips out the front door before anyone catches her.)
Hedda walks swiftly to the boss stop with her suitcase in hand.
Meanwhile, back at the house,  the group has begun to wonder where Hedda has gone.
TESMAN: Hedda, dear? Where are you? The Judge is ready to leave. Please come say your Goodbye’s we do not wish to be rude to the man after all he is doing for us.
(They don’t hear Hedda)
JUDGE: Perhaps you should go up and get her. She might be in the toilet.
TESMAN: (walking up the stairs) Hedda?… Heddaa?… HEDDA! (searching the rooms)
(Husband runs down the stairs, Mrs. Elvsted and judge are conversing worryingly)
TESMAN: She has left! 
MRS. ELVSTED: Oh no! Where could she have gone?
JUDGE: I told you she was a loose woman!
(Light fades on Tesman with a sad look on his face and the judge with a look of disapproval. Mrs. Elsted looks worried.)
(Back to Hedda, on the bus.)
Hadda Gabler Again (assuming the ending of Hedda Gabler changed)

Assignment: Create a dialogue for a job interview

Setting: Office lobby

HEDDA: (speaking to secretary) Hello Miss, I would like to speak to your superior, please.
SECRETARY: Ma’am, what can I help you with?
HEDDA: I would like to inquire about a job in this office.
SECRETARY: Okay, What is your name and we can make you an appointment to meet with the office manager.
HEDDA: I do not wish to make an appointment, I wish to inquire about said job, Miss. What is your name?
(The Boss walks out into the lobby)
BOSS: Jane, have you faxed the paperwork over to the place yet?
SECRETARY: Yes, I did when you— (cut off by the Boss)
BOSS: Jane.
SECRETARY: Yes, sir?
BOSS: Who is this? (gesturing towards Hedda)
HEDDA: I am Hedda Gabler and I am here to inquire about a job. (glares at secretary)
BOSS: Well did you make an appointment with Jane?
BOSS: You must make an appointment before—
HEDDA: Excuse me, SIR. My name is Hedda Gabler and I would like inquire about a job. I would hope this might show my passion and excitement to begin working. Might you have time to see me now?
BOSS: Fine, alright. I guess that would be okay. 
HEDDA: Thank you, sir.
BOSS: Yes, alright. We will do it here.
SECRETARY: Here…? In lobby?
HEDDA: Fine. Right here. 
BOSS: Excellent!  Let’s begin. 
Why do you wish to work for this company?
HEDDA: Well you see, I am resurrecting my independence and wish to work.
BOSS: Ahh, divorce?
HEDDA: Excuse me?
SECRETARY: Sir, you can’t ask questions like that in an interview.
HEDDA: If you must know, I was trapped in a marriage and my ex lover shot himself for our love.
BOSS: Oh, so with your newfound independence you want to work here?
HEDDA: Yes. I shall hop efor the highest position but am willing to work in a medial position if none find themselves available.
BOSS: and compensation?
HEDDA: As much as you can pay me.
BOSS: Hmm…
And you experience?
HEDDA: (confidently) None.
BOSS: (scoffs) None?!
HEDDA: Yes, none.
BOSS: And you expect this much from us?
HEDDA: Yes, may I ask you something Mister…? (implying she wants his name)
BOSS: Its Davis, Mr. Davis. And yes you may.
(secretary watching them nervously)
HEDDA: Are you intimidated by a women success in business?
BOSS: You’re hired.
 (Hedda smirks at the secretary)
HEDDA: (to Boss) I know. 

The End.


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