A poem a day keeps the fear away...


I am sitting in this bathroom, lying on the floor
too weak to get up, crying like before
the floor I cleaned just two weeks ago,
the floor you can’t ignore.

I remember sitting in this same bathroom, lying just like this on the floor
I was only fifteen. And too weak to get up, not like now but, crying more forlorn
on the floor, too weak to go.
The floor I then couldn't ignore.

For this floor had so much gore.
This same pain wept from inside,
on the floor I once solemnly swore 
never to let myself get so mourned. 

You leave me with so much scorn 
and I try not to rush so much to the morgue; 
one day I may meet my fate in show
but, today I lay here on the bathroom floor.

Today, today I feel torn,
crying and weeping just like before
but, in terror and remembering not to be forlorn
I lay here on the bathroom floor,

The same exact floor 
except now I am grown.
I cleaned it just two weeks ago,

this floor you can’t ignore.


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