John Osborne - English Playwright (Presentation)

A handsome man and genius writer, John Osborne, was born Dec. 12, 1929 and died Dec. 24, 1994.
He was born and raised in Surrey.

He was an English playwright, actor, and screenwriter who wrote with themes based on political and social norms, including perceptions of spirituality.

I enjoy John Osborne's work because we share a similar sense of dark humor and wit, as well as "mommy issues." I wish I could write as wittily as he has.
Someone once described his plays as “combined unsparing truthfulness with devastating wit.” (Wikipedia)

At age 18 John Osborne began acting in numerous plays, which is where he fell in love with playwriting.

He co-wrote his first play, The Devil Inside Me, with his lover/wife Stella.
Osborne described this play as a ‘melodrama about a poetic Welsh loon’ who murders a girl when he realizes that she is trying to frame him for sexual assault.' (

Osborne has been married 5 times and is believed to be bisexual.

John Osborne's most famous play is Look Back in Anger (8th play).

In 1956-1966, Osborne contributed to making "contempt" and on-stage emotion, and is now considered a cliche.

He used his writing as a way to escape from the drama of his life, mainly referring to his troubling relationship with his mother. However, he did have a slightly better relationship with his father.

John Osborne has written 16 plays and has 22 published works in total.

Deja Vu - 1991
 Deja Vu was a sequel to his most famous play Look Back in Anger.
To be honest, this play seems like maybe Osborne overestimated the fame that Look Back in Anger brought.
Look Back in Anger and Deja Vu are about John Osborne and his underlying anger towards the world and the rest of their beliefs. The character's battle with their spiritual beliefs as Osborne tries to "make his case" (make his point on he feels), so to speak. (Spiritual fulfillment)
This play showcased 5 actors total, 3 men and 2 women.
Deja Vu was first preformed at the Thorndyke Theatre in Leatherhead, May 1992 (about 1 year after it was written) and again at the Comedy Theatre in London.
Osborne says:
"A last line of defense against the yawning abyss of anonymity and death” (

Another play written by John Osborne was The Entertainer, it is quite comical so I have attached a link to give an example of a John Osborne play. (I couldn't find a clip of Look Back in Anger or Deja Vu. Enjoy!

The Entertainer clip:


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